by jonny li

jp server statistics

discord server statistics

displays recorded statistics data for a discord server in an easily viewable and accessible way.

jonny li

personal website/homepage

my personal website. currently not much on it, it's just a static page with links to social media and stuff.

inquiry vancouver

website for volunteer group

designed, created, and managed this website for inquiry vancouver, which was a large scale student-run medical conference with focus in medical research field for aspiring young high school students to participate and gain insight into this career; over 200 students from across the province attended. designed with bootstrap and jquery. server-side script written completely by myself, in php. ajax is used too, to make things extra cool. within the site is also an account system, which uses mysql, and an admin control panel to control users and site variables.

aleah loa

personal website

a website designed for an artist friend. experimenting with web design as well as angularjs.


gaming community website

mcdawn is a minecraft classic (really old free version of minecraft that doesn't exist anymore) server software, and the website was the community hub for all mcdawn servers, and the server that i ran myself. source to the server software is viewable on my github. when minecraft classic was active, my server would usually experience traffic of a few hundred users every day. the website, it used to be a xenforo forum, but i think i took that down when minecraft classic died and i can't find the original files anymore...


html5 web app

experimenting with microphone input, html5, web design, and all that.

mcdawn server list

currently online server list

mcdawn servers send "heartbeats" (http post requests) to this website every 10 minutes when they are online. the server then stores the server data with the current timestamp in a mysql database. this websites lists all the currently active servers in the past 10 minutes, with their data like name, players online, max players, message of the day, etc. written in php, designed with bootstrap.

mcdawn developer control panel

control panel for live inter-server user banning and chat mutes

one of the features of mcdawn was "global chat", which basically meant that all mcdawn servers could chat to each other. it worked by basically putting an irc client within the server software, making each server connect as a user to an irc channel. however, global chat cannot be moderated by the individual servers, and if a user spams on global chat, the traditional method would be to mute that server, but however this means just because one guy was spamming on that server now nobody on that server can use the global chat. thus, global chat bans were implemented to ban individual users. another feature of this control panel was "omnibans", which just meant certain users known for being disruptive were just banned from all mcdawn servers. written with php, bootstrap, and jquery.


landing page for project

experimenting with bootstrap.